Find Your Roots Through DNA
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This section includes a summary of the basic recommendations to follow when you first get your test, A discussion of how DNA can help you and the types of DNA tests, a page for beginners from June, and the Methodology that we suggest to find your family. 
Very seldom is interpreting your DNA a quick process. It takes a great deal of work and dedication. Unfortunately this is something you need to learn as there are not very many people who have the skills to help you on a one to one basis. We can answer questions but there are not enough people to do the work for you.
Many people have started this process with no skills in spreadsheets, DNA reasearch or genealogy and yet more and more are discovering their roots or their birth family. Originally these processes and tools were developed for adoptees but more and more people are using them for genealogy as well. 
So settle in and enjoy the journey. You are about to meet some very nice people and learn about society, history and geography.
The First Look Classes that tell you what you do when you first get your DNA results are at: . They are now free!