Find Your Roots Through DNA
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About Us


A team of knowledgeable genealogists, citizen scientists, geneticists and IT professionals knew that advances in DNA technology may be able to help those who were seeking unknown family members. A methodology was developed and is constantly being revised and updated as new developments in DNA research are discovered.  In 2012, was born under the direction of Rob Warthen, an IT professional and a Director of Product Development for an information technology solutions firm. We now bring you In 2015 DNAadoption and DNAGedcom became separate entities in order to provide more concentrated service to the community. Our main goal is to help others find those unknown ancestors.  Success in using DNA is now becoming a more common event, especially for adoptees.  A new world of adoptee searching is gaining momentum and we expect we will also see new discoveries in the world of genealogy as well.


    MEET THE TEAM       


Our Teachers and Course Leaders



Patty Drabing, Director and President

Patty, an adoptee,  a volunteer Search Angel. She is the President of She helps adoptees and birth families through the search and reunion process. She is also involved in helping those that have had DNA testing navigate their results. She owns yahoo adoption search and reunion groups, AdoptionSearchAngels, EMLA, AFS_Archives, Heavens_Helpers and Searching_in_Texas She also moderates BoothBabyAdoptionRegistry, CASR, Finding-in-Florida, Homesteadadoption, NWASR, Soaring Angels and AdoptionDNA_Tools. She's an avid genealogist and spends many hours in libraries and courthouses doing research. is associated with a well known Private Investigation firm.  She donates many hours of her time to DNAadoption She also has a background in real estate, sales and marketing.

 Karin Corbeil, Director and Executive Vice President 

Karin is an adoptee in reunion after searching for her family for 30 years. She was New York City born and raised. Her current home is in Salem, South Carolina.  She attended Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY and Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA with post graduate courses in DNA and Biochemistry at Clemson University, Clemson, SC.  A mother of 3, grandmother of 3, her husband Paul is retired from Invesco/Aim Investments. She is the former Cash Manager for H. H. Robertson; Vice President, RPM Construction, a subsidiary of H. H.Robertson; and was International Accounting Manager for Alex Brown. She currently manages the classes presented here, was Co-developer of the Methodology, works as a search angel, and is a partner in DNAGedcom.



Richard Weiss, Director and Executive Vice President of Project Management 

 Richard is one of the many adoptees who have stuck around to help after finding his birth family. He found his birth mother through a traditional search and found his birth father through a DNA search using our methodology. In addition to being a search angel, he assists with all our classes as well as supports development of and updates to the DNA prediction chart, “How To’s”, class materials, and refining DNA search methods.

Hailing from a long line of teachers and professors, Richard carried on the family tradition throughout his Navy career during which he commanded a joint Japanese and U.S. technical training command near Tokyo, Japan. He retired after over 23 years of service including over 17 years assigned to ships at sea.

 Richard’s DNA search for his birth father introduced him to genealogy – resulting in him becoming the family historian for both sides of his adoptive family as well as his paternal birth family. Genetic genealogy's combination of history, mystery, and technology keeps him hooked. Using the skills he learned in our classes, Richard has co-lead successful Y-DNA and atDNA research projects in both adoptive and birth families. 

Richard is an avid motorcyclist and ballroom dancer. When not helping with DNAAdoption, riding the roads of SoCal, or floating across a dance floor, he can be found hanging out with San Diego’s Florida Gator Club.



Mark Hyman, Director and Treasurer/Secretary 

Mark is an adoptee in partial reunion, still searching for his birth father and other relatives through genetic genealogy. He serves as a member of the DNAAdoption Board of Directors and as Secretary for the corporation. In his professional life, Mark is a senior counsel at AbbVie, Inc. in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he focuses on biotechnology patent law. He previously served as an assistant general counsel at Human Genome Sciences in Rockville, Maryland. Mark holds a JD from the University of Houston and a BS in Biological Sciences (concentrating in Genetics) from Cornell University.

 Mark was born in Albany, New York, raised in nearby Columbia County, New York, and currently resides in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, where he also is involved in municipal government. He is the father of an 11 year old son; his wife Carolyn is a special education advocate and former paralegal. When not building out family trees, you might find Mark at the racetrack with his Ariel Atom, scuba diving, downhill skiing, or just catching up with a book."


June Byrne, Director 

June is an adoptee born in Kansas City, Missouri. She took a class at in 2013. As a result of DNA testing and that class, she has located both of her birth families. She has a degree in education from Arizona State University, and a graduate degree in education from Boston University. She has taught all over the world from a University in Japan to a Prison in Leavenworth, Kansas while following her husband, Alan, who spent 30 years in the US Army. She has been involved with genealogy for 30 years working on her adopted families and creating and maintaining websites on those families. She volunteered for 20 years at various Family History Centers and Libraries. She has also been a speaker and presenter at many of the northern Florida genealogical societies. At she is the original author of the "Just for Absolute Beginners" class and works to improve our education program.



Jon Masterson, Director

Jon is an adoptee. Born to a British mother and US Serviceman father. He found his mother in the 1980's and his father in 2016. He was born in Dorset, UK and brought up near London.

Jon trained as an electronics engineer and later obtained post graduate qualifications in computer science and business studies. His career included an eleven year stint in Saudi Arabia working for the national airline. He spent a number of years as an IT consultant and project manager eventually becoming operations director for the consultancy. He retired from corporate life in 2002 and his last position was UK and Ireland sales and marketing director for a large international computer services company. He has travelled to too many places and seen too few.

Since 'retiring' Jon has set up and chaired several non profit organizations and was for a time leader of his local town council. He now has a small on-line software business.

Jon is a qualified diving instructor and his other hobbies include model railroads and eating good food. He lives mostly in the hills of mid Wales with his wife Carole, a couple of cats, several pheasants and a large number of sheep. The rest of the time he spends with his maternal family in Florida.